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Stories of theMaster

The Story of Jesus and the Stories He Told

You have simplified the gospel and made it alive!
- A listener from Ghana

I listened to "Rise Up and Walk" and was so blessed. Thank you! I want to learn the Bible and will try to listen everyday. - A listener from Mongolia

I feel like I am walking in the footsteps of Jesus. - A listener from Albania


I  heard your story that Jesus raised Lazarus from the tomb. While I listened, I asked, “How can Jesus do such a miracle?” I realized he is the living God and in him all things are possible. He is in control of everything. Such messages have inspired me and grounded my faith in Jesus. Since that day I very strongly believe in him and have intimate fellowship with him. My life is
growing in faith, and now I
regularly listen to your program. 
- A listener from Nepal

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